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Monday , December 11 2023
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How To Make Lime Juice

Limes – perfect appetizer

 Limes are perfect appetizer that can be used to prepare a wide range of meals. When used as part of the ingredients, an equal amount of lemon juice is added to the lime juice to complete the recipe. This juice is also a perfect substitute for salt, and gives your food the great taste of regular seasoning.

Wiki Juices - Lime fruit
Lime fruit

You can also use limes to make desserts or stain removers, cleaning agents or beauty products. Raw limes contain approximately 1.9 grams of fiber, which is used to aid in digestion and reduce cholesterol levels in your blood.

Lime – vitamins and minerals

A medium sized lime is enough to supply you with proteins and calories that are required for a strong and healthy body. Just like other citrus fruits, it is rich in vitamin C. Other vitamins contained in a lime include vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, E and K.

Wiki Juices - Lime water benefits
Lime water benefits

These vitamins are essential for:

  • the successful absorption of food
  • proper functioning of body cells and organs
  • development of healthy skin
  • prevention of various health complications.

Limes also provide you with minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and manganese. In order to benefit from limes, juice them.

Lime juice is faster to absorb in the body. In addition, juice can be taken by everyone, even the sick people who do not have enough energy to chew. Juice is also the perfect food for children who have eating disorders.

Wiki Juices - Pregnant woman drinking lime juice
Pregnant woman drinking juice


How To make Lime juice

Lime juice can be extracted by squeezing the fruit. This method can be used on other fruits such as oranges, grapes and lemons. All you need to do is wash the lime, cut it into two pieces, squeeze and then collect your juice. However, this method may not be as simple as it sounds.

Different people can extract different amounts of juice from the same lime. In addition, the strategy you use may affect the taste of your lime juice. The following is an easy to follow procedure on how to make juice:

  • Select the best lime from your store. It is advisable to juice limes that have not been in the fridge because this boosts their yield. However, if all of your limes are refrigerated, make sure that they have not lasted more than 10 days.
Wiki Juices - Fresh lime juice
Fresh lime juice
  • Choose only those limes that have a smooth texture. Firmness is a sign of freshness, so you also need to go for the firm ones.
  • It is also advisable to avoid scalded limes. Therefore, go for those with a bright color. If your limes have been in the fridge for more than 10 days, you may consider replacing them with fresh ones.
  • Lime is rich in fiber, and most of the juice is held between these fibers. Zap the lime in the microwave for around 10 seconds in order to break the fibers.
Wiki Juices - Lime girl
Lime girl
  • After this, roll it over a hard surface until it becomes soft. Wash the lime to prepare it for the next step.
  • The most technical part is cutting the lime. In order to get maximum yield, you have to learn how to cut your lime fruit. Limes are similar in appearance with lemons, but they require a special cut in order to produce more juice.
Wiki Juices - Lime juice health benefits
Lime health benefits
  • Giving your lime a transactional cut will only give you half the juice it contains, so you will lose half the juice. Instead of giving it the regular cross sectional cut you give other citrus fruits, cut it from top to bottom. A longitudinal section will make the lime release as much juice as is available.
  • Make the cut end just slightly beside the stem, so that you have one large piece and a smaller piece of the lime. Take the larger piece, locate the stem, and then make two equal cuts on both sides of the stem so that you have four oval-shaped pieces and one rectangular piece.
Wiki Juices - Lime juice with mint
Lime juice with mint
  • Squeeze each of the four oval-shaped pieces over a bowl. This oval shape will prevent juice from getting in contact with the peelings. When limes comes into contact with the peelings, your juice becomes bitter. This is what happens if you give your lime a cross-sectional cut.
  • Pick the rectangular-shaped piece and place it over the bowl. Hold the green parts with both hands, and then twist gently. Wring it to release juice. Your juice is ready for use. If you wish to extract more juice, try using an electric juicer instead of your fingers.

Serving Lime Juice

A medium sized lime should produce 2 tablespoons of juice. You can take your juice with some honey, warm water or both. The best time to take lime juice is in the morning. Serve the desired amount and then keep the rest in the fridge.

Wiki Juices - Lime juice with ice
Lime juice with ice

It is advisable to avoid using aluminum utensils to serve or store lime juice because they react. To ensure that your juice stays fresh for longer, keep it frozen inside ice cube trays. Frozen juice can last up to four months. Bon apetit!

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