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Juicing for Kids

Why More Parents Should Consider Juicing for Kids

Adults carry the weight of many responsibilities and feeling the impact stress has on their health causes them to focus on the benefits juicing has to offer to them.

Some never stop to consider the fact that juicing can also prove very beneficial to children.

Wiki Juices - Brothers drinking carrot juice
Kids drinking carrot juice

There are many advantages juicing for kids has that even goes beyond what it offers adults.

Read on to learn why including the children in your juicing lifestyle is a great way to be a smart parent.

Developing Bodies Need Proper Nutrition

Although there are many rules of healthy eating that applies to people of all ages, it is even more vital that the proper nutrition be had in childhood.

Those who regularly get the nutrients they need as a child tend to be healthier adults. This is because they had what they needed to develop properly.

Wiki Juices - Young girl drinking apple juice
Young girl drinking apple juice

It has an impact on all major and minor systems of the body, including bones, vision, hearing, brain cells, the circulatory system, the immune system and so on.

By juicing, all of the essentials are easily introduced into the body.

Wiki Juices - Girl dinking orange juice
Girl dinking orange juice

The fresh vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients that are important to the development of your child.

Satisfy Their Sweet-Tooth without Harmful Sugar

It is a widely known fact that children love sugar and sweet things.

Some parents allow their children to eat lots of candy, cookies, ice cream, and other sugary snacks, but this is not a good idea.

Junk food can have an even greater negative impact on developing bodies than it can on the fully grown.

Wiki Juices - Brother and sister drinking grapefruit juice
Brother and sister drinking grapefruit juice

This is because sugar can weaken bones, leading to more fractures, cavities, joint problems, and several other health conditions loving parents want their children to avoid.

With juicing, kids get to enjoy the delicious sweet flavor they crave without all the harmful side effects.

Let Them Learn Healthy Habits Early On

Eating habits that are established in childhood often remain with people their entire lives.

A great portion of the many adults now suffering from obesity and all of its side effects were put on this destructive route by their parents.

Many of the adults who eat healthy and are fit simply followed the same eating patterns that they were taught as a child.

Wiki Juices - Family drinking orange juice
Family drinking orange juice

Their parents gave them a healthy start and the benefits remained with them.

Parents who include juicing as part of the family lifestyle are showing their children that healthy eating is important.

No More Fighting Over Veggies

Numerous jokes have been made and funny stories told about the struggles many parents face when seeking to get their children to eat vegetables.

Some children go to great lengths to avoid eating things like broccoli, asparagus, spinach, brussel sprouts, and so on.

It makes some parents furious and causes a lot of tension in households.

Wiki Juices - Father and daughter making orange juice
Father and daughter making orange juice

However, juicing for kids does away with all the fighting.  It is often much easier to get a child to enjoy a nice, fresh glass of  juice than it is to get them to eat peas or salad.

As many well-seasoned juicing fanatics know, juice can be sweet and delicious and still contain lots of vegetables.

Many children will slurp down every last drop without even considering the fact that they are drinking their leafy greens.

Easy Recipes Kids Can Prepare

There are a lot of independent-minded children who enjoy fixing their own food. Often, the only problem is that they are too young to use the stove.

However, juice is a fun, delicious food they can prepare on their own. If they are too young to use a knife, the adults can handle that part for them.

Wiki Juices - Young girl drinking orange juice
Young girl drinking orange juice

It is a good idea to just leave the fruits and vegetables pre-cut and in a container in the refrigerator.

That way, the children can prepare a nutritious snack for themselves and feel like they are doing something all on their own.

Wiki Juices - Boy drinking orange juice
Boy drinking orange juice

While juicing for kids is not as popular of an idea as it deserves to be, those who have discovered what juicing does for their health should easily understand the advantages it has for children.

Give your child a great start in life by introducing them to the world of juicing.

Some juice recipes that kids love:

Some juice recipes that kids love: Apple juice: 3 to 4 medium yield about 1 cup
Pineapple – carrot juice: 2 carrots and 2 spears of pineapple yield 1 cup.
Orange juice: 2 medium oranges yield 1 cup
Orange – Carrot juice: 1 orange and 1 carrot yield ¾ cup
Apple – Carrot juice: 2 red apples and 1 carrot yield 1 cup
Apple – Grape juice: 2 apples and a small bunch of grapes yield 1 cup
Pear juice: 2 medium pears yield 1 cup

Wiki Juices - Little girl making orange juice
Little girl making orange juice

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