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Monday , December 11 2023
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How To Make Carrot Juice

Few things about carrots

If you’re planning to make carrot juice daily you must know that carrots are among the vegetables that are known to be rich in beta carotene. Beta carotene is a form of vitamin that is required by the body for various functions. Carrots are best eaten raw, but crunching these roots can be tiring and time consuming because they are usually hard.

Children are the people who need carrots the most due to their ability to aid with tooth formation. If you want your children to obtain all the benefits of carrots, juice them.

Wiki Juices - Carrots

The other benefit of carrot juice is that it is more digestible compared to the vegetable itself. Carrot juice has a wealth of vitamins, is a natural source of water and has energizing compounds that are great for an afternoon burst.

One glass of carrot juice is the recommended daily allowance of carrot juice. Before juicing carrots, you need to consider the moisture content and age. Do not peel off the carrots prior to juicing since the peels are very nutritious. Always rinse your carrots in running water before juicing them.

Wiki Juices - Refreshing carrot juice
Refreshing carrot juice

Vitamin A

Juicing experts recommend carrot juice for digestive aliments and general well-being. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which is vital for the restoration of defective eyesight.

This vitamin is very useful for people suffering from glare blindness as well as night blindness. Vitamin A is essential for the vitality of mucous cell membranes thus protecting you from a wide variety of health conditions.

Vitamin A is also required for the development of attractive gum structure and formation of strong dentine and enamel. Young children require this vitamin for faster growth, development of healthy hair and skin.

Other benefits

This vitamin is also known to boost the immunity system, cardiac health, and digestive tract. Taking carrot juice protects you from disorders of the digestive tract such as constipation and bowel problems.

It can also protect you from hemorrhoids and osteochondrosis. The risk of developing kidney stones and sterility is greatly reduced through increased intake of foods rich in Vitamin A.

Wiki Juices - Carrot girl
Carrot girl

Cancer prevention

The excess Vitamin A contained in your carrot juice is stored in the liver, kidney or even under the skin and so you do not need to worry about the RDA of Vitamin A. Carrots also contain various phytonutrients that are required for the fight against cancer.

Carrot juice therapy has been used to cure throat cancer, skin cancer and even breast cancer. The anti-cancer nutrients are concentrated in the orange pigmentation of carrots and so this juice is a vital recipe for all raw diets.

Carrot juice contains antioxidants that help with natural cleansing of the body. If taken early in the morning, this juice drives away all harmful substances from your body and also kills any bacteria in your mouth. To cleanse your mouth, you need to use this juice as any other mouth wash.

Wiki Juices - Carrot raw facts
Carrot raw facts

The B complex vitamins help your body fight against physical and mental fatigue. After a day of hard work, carrot juice is recommended for relief. It also relieves symptoms of stress in your brain and fatigue in your heart muscles.

Carrots are rich in natural sugar which is required for the balancing of blood sugar. A cup of carrot juice can supply you with 14 grams of natural sugar, and this is why this juice is an essential ingredient in blood sugar control diets especially the famous Hallelujah diet.

Wiki Juices - Benefits of carrots
Benefits of carrots

Vitamin C, Calcium and other nutrients

Traces of Vitamin C are also found in carrot juice, giving it the ability to fight overweight. This juice should be part of weight loss diets since vitamin C is essential for burning of calories and fat. Vitamin C also helps sooth the central nervous system thus fighting insomnia and stress.

Carrot juice also contains Calcium, which is required for healthy bones. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised to take plenty of this juice in order to supply their unborn and suckling babies with sufficient calcium.

Other nutrients found in carrot juice include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Phosphorous
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Chlorine
  • Sulfur
  • Iron

Carrot juice is therefore required by all people for various functions. This juice can be used in various ways. You can take it plainly or use it to prepare various carrot juice recipes. It has a delicious taste because of the presence of natural sugars, and so children have no problem drinking it.

After juicing, take the juice immediately or keep it in an air-tight jar. This is because the nutrients contained in the juice are easily lost if exposed to the air.

Wiki Juices - Make carrot juice with lemon and orange
Carrot juice with lemon and orange

How to Make Carrot Juice with a juicer

Here’s how to make carrot juice for better vision, beautiful skin, cancer prevention and many other health benefits:

  • First, wash fresh, whole carrots and trim off the ends.
  • Second, push carrots through juicer, catching juice in cup as directed. Before of that, test the widest tops of the carrots to see that they fit easily into the hopper. If they don’t, make long-ways cuts in the carrots so that they will fit easily into the hopper.
  • Place the juicer glass (Some juicers come with a glass that’s the perfect size) under the drain spout. You’ll want to watch as the liquid first starts coming through because sometimes it can spray further than you think.
Wiki Juices - Carrot juice
Carrot juice
  • Try adding other vegetables: garlic is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. Celery has natural sodium and enzymes and spinach and beets also have beneficial substances.
  • Then clean pulp from strainer as you go along (try using the shredded carrot fibers to make a carrot cake, cookies or pancakes) and wash your machine parts as soon as you’re finished using it.
  • Drink juice immediately or within a few days be cause carrot juice does not keep for long and tastes best when fresh.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is not necessary to peel the carrots, but if they are not organic, you may wish to.
  • Try running an inch or so of ginger root through the juicer with the carrots for a zesty variation.
  • Carrots can be bought in 10 pound bags at most grocery stores for a fraction of the per-pound cost for a smaller bag. If you’re planning to make carrot juice every day you might be surprised by how many carrots you go through.
  • Dust off those running shoes because carrot juice is a huge energizer.
  • More than 1-2 glasses of carrot juice a day can cause an orange tint to develop on your skin. If this happens, simply cut back to less frequent juicings or less juice per day.
Wiki Juices - Carrot for health
Carrot for health

Carrot and Apple Detoxifying Tonic

For a quick juice which will not only detoxify your liver but also boosts your immune system, follow this simple recipe:

  • 8 large organic carrots
  • 2 organic green apples (peel on)
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of organic honey.

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