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Monday , December 11 2023
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How To Make Cherry Juice

Natural cherry juice

Making cherry juice is something that many of us would like to do. That is mainly due to the fact that when you will go into a store and find the so called “natural cherry juice”, it won’t only be very expensive, but it will not be as natural as they claim it to be.

Cherry juice contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants and it’s great for your body. If you want to know how to finally make it at home and drink it every day, then below you will find the instructions for doing so.

After you will finish reading this guide you will know exactly what to do to get the best juice out of your cherries!

Wiki Juices - Cherry girl
Cherry girl

Use a blender or a juicer

You can actually make cherry juice without having to worry about the fact that you need to pit them. The first step you should take thus is to take the stems off the cherries and then blend them up with their pits.

Before you will start blending them you will need to add a vitamin C tablet which you need to crush beforehand. Why would you add Vitamin C to the mix? Well, because it will not allow the cherry juice to discolor.

Now, after crushing the Vitamin and putting it into the mix, you should add a little water in order to get it started. Once you start blending everything together you will hear the seeds making that specific noise.

Don’t worry, in no time everything will be blended more or less and you will have a delicious cup or cherry juice.

Wiki Juices - Cherries

Open up the blender (or juicer) and you will notice that the seeds are still going to be there in large pieces. After doing so, you will have to strain the juice out in order to separate it from the seeds and the skins.

It’s amazing how easy it is to make juice without actually considering and having to pit all that batch of cherries, don’t you think so?

Wiki Juices - Cherry juice
Cherry juice

Cherry juice taste

Now, I know that we added Vitamin C before, but that is not enough. Juicing the cherries has created a foam that you will want to remove if you don’t want things to start oxidizing.

This is because the foam is the one that will immediately start oxidizing and you don’t want that to happen.

Your cherry juice’s taste will thus immediately change. You don’t actually need to remove the foam if you will drink the juice right away, because it won’t matter at all. But if you want to make a desert with your juice, then you should do so.

Also, cherries are not the only ones that you will be able to obtain juice from using this method. There are also many other fruits you can use and put them through this method, one of them being melons.

Wiki Juices - Kid with cherries
Kid with cherries

If you didn’t know when you will drink cherry juice you will actually benefit from 2 proven health protecting phytochemicals. These are anthcyanidins and quercetin.

If your diet will become rich in one or both of these two ingredients, then you will never have to worry about lung cancer and asthma that much. Your chances of getting them will be significantly reduced.

I bet you didn’t know, but it’s anthcyanidins that is responsible for the deep red color in cherries. They will actually reduce inflammation as effective as ibuprofen and aspirin, according to some recent medical studies.

On top of that, cherries juice always tastes better than pills isn’t it?

Wiki Juices - Basket with cherries
Basket with cherries

Cherry juice advantages

Cherry juice has a lot more advantages than its great taste. I bet you didn’t know that cherries contain a good amount of melatonin. What is it?

Well, it’s a hormone your brain produces which will tell your body when the proper time for bed is.

If you suffer from insomnia, this is going to be very beneficial for your body. On top of that, it will even help you out with offsetting your depression.

As you can see, making cherry juice is very simple and all you need to do is consider the steps above.

You will see that it doesn’t only taste good, but in no time you will start feeling healthier and will have an improved mood and more energy.

After all, who doesn’t want to drink something delicious and get more than the benefit of the taste?

Wiki Juices - Wooden cup with cherries
Wooden cup with cherries

Benefits of cherry juice

  • Fruits are valued more for their flavor and stems are used for therapeutic purposes.
  • Gout, fever – A good remedy is cherry syrup is a beverage antifebrile.
  • Obesity – making a cure is treated fresh cherries (500 g daily) during the season.
  • Diabetes – People with diabetes should consume fewer cherries because they contain lots of sugar. However, in people with diabetes, cherries have good effect in small quantities because they contain carbohydrates.
  • Hepatitis, gastric diseases, intestinal fermentations – The cherries are a good regulator stomach and liver.
  • Constipation – Cherries have laxative effect; should be eaten fresh.
Wiki Juices - Cherries heart
Cherries heart
  • Preventing aging, detoxify the body – is recommended daily intake of fresh fruits because they remineralizing properties, energizing, detoxifying, refreshing.
  • Poor growth – fruit is recommended in growing children because they have many vitamins and minerals, have energizing properties of tissue regeneration and remineralization.
  • Nervous System Diseases – Cherries are good sedative of the nervous system and mental and physical energy.
  • Muscle soreness, sore muscles – people who exercise daily and drink 700 ml of cherry juice have better sports performance and muscle soreness is much improved.
  • Colon cancer – could be prevented if there is a cure for two months with bitter cherries. It is recommended to consume 800 g fresh cherries on an empty stomach.
  • Kidney cancer, bladder cancer – We recommend 1 liter of cherry juice daily for a month. This stimulates diuresis and renal inflammation address so preventable these serious diseases.
  • Depression – It consumes daily about 600 g fresh cherries (or cherries juice) a day. The person will become more optimistic, mentally and physically, with a good tone and a balanced emotional state.
  • Insomnia – Cherries contain melatonin which induces relaxation and sleep is so deep and restful. It is recommended to use bitter cherry syrup, or fruit juice just before bedtime.

Questions and Answers

Can you juice fresh cherries?
You can use fresh cherries, ripe and in season for the best flavor, or frozen and thawed cherries to make cherry juice.

How much cherry juice should you drink a day?
Published research and many clinical studies suggest you should drink the equivalent of 8 ounces of tart cherry juice daily.

Can you put whole cherries in a juicer?
If you use a juicer, first wash the cherries and remove the pits (see the comments below), which can be hard on juicers and may even break them. Then, simply feed the cherries through the juicer chute and let the machine do all the work.

How long does cherry juice last in the fridge?
Cherry juice concentrate (result of squeezing in the juicer) should be refrigerated immediately. You can store it for 6 months in the refrigerator or 12 months in the freezer.

Does cherry juice lower blood pressure?
Researchers have found that people who drank 60 ml of cherry concentrate, diluted with water, saw their blood pressure drop by 7% in three hours.

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  1. Susan J Simmons

    Cherry seeds have cyanide in them! How would blending them up in juice not poison someone????

    • Wiki Juices

      Although unintentional ingestion of a few stone fruit pits is typically not a concern, prevention is key; ingestion should always be avoided and the pits should never be crushed or chewed. Children should be taught to spit out the seeds/pits when snacking on stone fruits.

      Various methods can be used to remove cherry stones before squeezing:
      – a staple
      – cherry pitter
      – the mouth of a bottle: place the cherry on the mouth of the bottle and press it with a chopstick used for Asian food

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