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How To Make Pomelo Juice

Orange is the most popular citrus fruit in the world, but it isn’t the tastiest or the healthiest. The citrus family has a vast variety of different fruits that are tasty, nutritionally healthy and energetic. One of those tasty, healthy fruits is pomelo, whose natural and fresh pomelo juice is full of vitamins.

Wiki Juices - Fresh pomelo fruit
Fresh pomelo fruit

This crisp fruit is found in Southeast Asia. It has a pale green or yellowish color from the outside and white colored from the inside. A few varieties even have pink or red colored flesh.

The unique thing about this fruit is that it has quite thick skin and it is the biggest citrus fruit on earth, having a diameter of 6-10 inches and weighs around 1 to 2 kilograms.

Wiki Juices - Pomelo and beautiful girl
Pomelo and beautiful girl

Due to its numerous health benefits and amazing taste, this fruit has made its way to Europe and America. People love its sweeter taste as compared with grapefruit.

Some believe that grapefruit is a hybrid of orange and pomelo, pomelo being the sweeter parent. It is eaten in raw form, or sprinkled with salt mixture.

Wiki Juices - Pomelo oranges lemons limes grapefruit
Pomelo oranges lemons limes grapefruit

Some people also like to use it in salads or along yogurt. Pomelo juice is also available in the market, but packaged juices contain preservatives which decrease their benefits. The best way is to drink homemade, all natural fresh pomelo juice.

How To Make Pomelo Juice

Pomelo juice has several nutritional benefits. At first sight this gigantic citrus fruit appears quite difficult to juice, but with the right technique anyone can juice it in minutes.

Follow these steps to make delicious pomelo juice:

  • Pick a large pomelo
  • Cut it into four pieces
  • Remove all the seeds and the bitter membranes
  • Peel off the thick skin while leaving the white part intact
  • Put the flesh in a juicer and blend it for a few seconds
  • The final step is to serve the juice without any further delays
  • In case you prefer chilled pomelo juice, then use a refrigerated pomelo
Wiki Juces - Fresh pomelo juice
Fresh pomelo juice

Juicing with a Manual Press Juicer

A good way to increase juice quantity is to roll the pomelo on a flat hard surface, this helps soften the fruit and increase quantity of juice. In case you don’t have an electric juicer, you can go for a manual one.

Cut the pomelo into four pieces, remove the seeds and bitter membranes and squash it in a manual press juicer. This method may not be suitable for everyone, as it requires a certain quantity of force from the person juicing the fruit.

Wiki Juices - Pomelo fruit
Pomelo fruit

Utilizing Pulp

The fruits with red or pink flesh are usually the sweeter ones. In case you feel that the juice is not sweet enough, you may add some sugar syrup or honey for a more organic touch.

Addition of honey doesn’t just make the juice tastier, but it also makes it a lot more nutritive. You may consider making a cocktail with different juices, but always try to drink the juice as soon as possible.

Pomelo pulp leftover in the juicer can be used to thicken soups or gravies. It is highly recommended not to waste any component of this highly nutritious fruit.

Wiki Juices - Pomelo young girl
Pomelo young girl

Which Juicer is Appropiate for Pomelos?

Citrus juicers are usually the first choice when it comes to juicing oranges, but pomelos are different. The inner white skin of pomelos prevents cancer, and it is better to juice the flesh and the white skin in a centrifugal or an upright juicer.

Simple citrus juicers are less efficient and leave a lot of juice inside the fruit. You can choose any decent juicer offered by leading brands like Breville, Black & Decker, Jack Lalanne, Omega, Cuisinart etc.

Wiki Juices - White Pomelo
White Pomelo

Wonders of Pomelo

There are countless benefits of this wonder fruit and some are as follows:

  • Pomelo skin is quite rich in bioflavonoids.
  • It helps minimize pancreatic, breast and intestinal cancer.
  • It also stops cancerous cells from spreading.
  • Like other citrus fruits, pomelo is also rich in Vitamin C.
Wiki Juices - Health benefits of pomelo
Health benefits of pomelo juice
  • It helps retain elasticity of arteries, allowing smooth blood flow.
  • Though having a reasonable amount of ascorbic acid, it produces alkaline reaction after being digested.
  • Diet conscious people can use this drink to lose weight.
  • Para-insulin found in pomelo flesh plays a vital role in reducing blood fats.
  • Folic acid traces can help prevent anemia and increase fetus growth.

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