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Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Juicer Review

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Juicer Review help you to choose the best juicer for all heavy duty users at home.

The juicer is a revolutionary product that features the high efficiency of a masticating style juicer in a vertical design.

Is designed to be compact, contemporary and productive. Comes with numerous features that enable you to have the juicing experience you would ever wish for.

Wiki Juices - Omega VRT350 Apple Juice
Omega VRT350 Apple Juice

Revolutionary juicer

The Juicer runs at an amazing low speed of 80 RPMs. This maintains the level of heat to a minimum level, thus protecting the juicer from the effects of overheating.

It also manages the level of oxidation thus preventing enzymes and other nutrients in your fruits and vegetables from getting destroyed.

This therefore allows your juice to retain its nutritional value for longer periods.

The Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) of Omega Vert HD Vrt350 Juicer is very effective than the old standard masticating technology.

Wiki Juices - Omega VRT350 fruits and vegetables
Omega VRT350 fruits and vegetables

Extract all from fruits and vegetables

Rather than spinning the pulp vigorously, the Omega Vert HD Vrt350 Juicer extracts juice from the fruits or vegetables by pressing them hard and slow.

The remaining pulp is repressed producing even more juice while leaving the pulp completely dry.

The Omega Vert HD Vrt350 Vertical Juicer is designed to juice a variety of products.

It can be used to juice nearly all type of vegetables, leafy greens and fruits among others.

You can even mix more than one fruit in the juicer or mix vegetables and fruits depending on your taste.

Wiki Juices - Omega VRT350 Carrot Juice
Omega VRT350 Carrot Juice

It does a fine job of juicing wheatgrass, yet can also handle an over-ripe pineapple.

The daily carrotapple, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, broccoli, cilantro and ginger drinks are a breeze and produce less pulp than any juicer.

The main feature of Omega Vert HD Vrt350 juicer that makes it heavy duty is its ultem screen.

This screen is much stronger and has a different design from those of other Omega vert juicer models.

Wiki Juices - Omega VRT350 Strawberry and Blackberry Juice
Omega VRT350 Strawberry and Blackberry Juice

Durable than most of the other juicers

The ultem screen is made of tough material which makes it almost eight times stronger than other plastic screens.

This makes it efficient to use daily. It is more durable than most of the other juicers in the market.

Another feature to be highlighted in this Omega Vert HD Vrt350 Juicer review is the Automatic Wiping System (AWS).

This is the only juicer in the market with such a feature.

It uses a silicon wiper that is similar to that used in wiping car wind screens.

This makes the juicer very easy to clean thus giving you the chance to make juice from a variety of products at the same time. It saves you a lot of time and energy.

Wiki Juices - Omega VRT350 parts
Omega VRT350 parts

Economical juicer

The silicon wiping blade is so effective that it does not leave behind any residue that might contaminate your juice later. It leaves the screen spotlessly clean after each juicing session.

You are therefore guaranteed of more and clean juice every day. The technology used to get juice from your fruits and vegetables saves you a lot of energy.

The Omega Vert HD Vrt350 Juicer is very economical in terms of both electricity and the juice produced.

Since it presses rather than spinning juice, the Omega Vert HD Vrt350 juicer gives you more juice yield from few fruits and also saves your electricity.

The juice produced using the Omega Vert HD Vrt350 is of a higher quality than the one produced by the centrifugal technology.

The technology used to make this juicer ensures that no antioxidants are destroyed.

Wiki Juices - Omega VRT350 Tomato Juice
Omega VRT350 Tomato Juice

The juice flavor is also maintained since no frothing or foaming occurs while extracting the juice.

The juice also is fresher since the juicer does not hold on the residue that can contaminate your juice.

Self cleaning feature

The juice produced can thus stay for longer without spoiling. Omega Vert HD Vrt350 juicer also has a self cleaning feature.

You are only required to pour water into the juicer and rinse when juicing a different product.

It does not require you to dismantle the juicer to clean the individual parts as is the case with some other juicers.

This therefore gives you much more flexibility and helps you save a lot of time.

Last but not least, the Omega Vert HD Vrt350 juicer is very silent when juicing.

The LSTS feature allows it to operate without making a lot of noise like the centrifugal technology juicers.

This allows you to user the juicer at any time day or night without disturbing other people.

Wiki Juices - Omega VRT350 Wheatgrass Juice
Omega VRT350 Wheatgrass Juice

10-year Warranty!

However, it is advisable to ensure that you read the instruction manual carefully before using the Omega Vert HD Vrt350 juicer.

The instructions are self explanatory thus giving you easy time assembling the juicer.

This will also enable you to clean the individual parts occasionally, as part of your general cleaning.

Is a beautiful addition to your kitchen that provides a number of state-of-the-art features you won’t find in other juicers.

And, on top of all that, the 10-year warranty must be best in class!

Product Features

  • Low speed juicing prevents oxidation on degredation of juice
  • Make juice from both fruits and vegetables
  • Fine and coarse juicing screens for pulp control
  • Capable of juicing wheatgrass at high yield
  • Small enough to fit on any counter top with its space-saving vertical design
  • Many attachments are included for your convenience
  • Auto cleaning system
  • Compact base 10-year warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 12 inches ; 17 pounds
  • Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews

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